JoAnne Warren Watercolors


When  I'm totally immersed in the creative experience it's like being transported to another place.  For example when I'm painting palm trees, I can feel the cool ocean breeze, the sand between my toes, hear the rhythmic crash of the waves breaking on the beach and taste the salt of the sea air on my lips. The other great thing about creating art is when people who’ve purchased your work return to tell you how much they love it, how it enriches their lives or inspires  them to be a more creative person.  Not everyone knows the joy that escaping into a piece of original art can provide. I hope you are one of the lucky ones that do!

- JoAnne Hauser Warren


Art is furniture for the mind creating a space  for your mind to unwind and relax in.  It can stir fond memories from the past when life was simpler and less stressful or instill a sense of hope for the future. It may provide a winding road or stream for you to wander along and get lost in.  It can create an exciting environment of shapes and rhythms to stimulate and inspire you.  For an artist the joy of  art is in the process.